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Their Worlds: Importance. Awareness. Inclusion. The beginning...

After contemplating this venture in 2019, planning then procrastinating, in 2021 a wake-up call May 2023 inspired me to continue and publish this site in late 2023 - Welcome to our beginning.

Awareness of topics surrounding health and well-being seems to be limited to what appears to be "on trend" and each support site I come across tends to be limited to a specific issue and does not provide information and support for a wider community with more than one additional need.

Our aim is to facilitate an open community to support each other with our health or for those we care for by understanding an alternative perception of the world and how we can support ourselves and others to support inclusivity.

We encourage you to start and join discussions on our forum to ask for support or talk about a relevant issue. We welcome you to suggest a topic for the blog or even create your own to be published.

Looking into the future we hope to provide affordable online awareness courses, with the option of in person delivery.

Please note - all information will be referenced where necessary, however as an informal community we can never guarantee information is up to date after published date. We also urge you to only seek medical or legal advice from professionals. We aim to create a safe and supportive community, but we will always urge individuals to seek professional support as our blog and forum will be opinion and experience based.

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