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Brand: Pulp
Material: Cotton
Age range (description): Adult
Number of layers: 3
Unit count: 30.0 count

FAST ABSORPTION: Utilising micro-diamond absorption channel technology each disposable incontinence bed pad works to rapidly control the distribution of liquid evenly across its surface area. This allows for faster absorption reducing the worry of dampness and ensures maximum use of the large 90cm x 60cm size.
SUPERIOR LEAK PROTECTION: Featuring an efficient five-layer construction. Each disposable incontinence bed pad comprises a virgin fluff core engineered to rapidly absorb liquid. A polymer hydrophobic waterproof backing sealed on all four sides prohibits leakage from the bottom and sides, even under pressure.
SOFT & COMFORTABLE: Made with a super soft cotton-feel top layer each disposable incontinence bed pad is hypoallergenic and has been dermatologically tested to guarantee comfort. With a low profile design and gentle feel, disruptive rustling is prevented ensuring a cushioned and quiet user experience.
DURABLE & TEAR-RESISTANT: Designed for durability, the five-layer construction of each disposable incontinence bed pad is tear-resistant and built to hold its shape and structure even after it’s been used. This ensures the integrity of each disposable incontinence bed pad, meaning liquids and odours are safely retained, thereby protecting the user and bedsheets.
VERSATILE USE: Suitable for multiple use scenarios. Use for those with incontinence at home, hospices, or hospitals on beds, sofas, chairs, and more. Alternatively, each incontinence bed pad can be used for children who experience bedwetting and to protect surfaces when changing babies nappies.

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30 x Pulp Professional 90cm x 60cm Disposable Incontinence Bed Pads | Absorbent

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