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Support Group

Inspired by the reality of parenting, mental health, additional need s and a decade in health and social care sector, TheirWorlds aims to bring together everyone from different circumstances to support and educate each other and provide guidance in today's society. We aim to create a community and support network, as well as providing on trend items to support yourself and those you care about.

Our vision for the future is to create courses as we believe education surrounding issues, situations, conditions are vital in the world of supporting others. 

Highlighting the importance of awareness to create ultimately inclusion for all.

What We Stand For



Everyone should feel important and valued, individuals, groups, situations. We aim to raise the importance of issues and provide a support network.

Giving a Speech


By raising importance, we are raising awareness. This could be  individual personal issues, disabilities, social and societal struggles but we aim to raise awareness and educate to create a wider understanding for everyone.

Support Group


Ultimately raising awareness promoted inclusion. This is our overall goal. Be it on our forum or ikn your own community we aim for every person with any difficulty to be included.

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